DarkRage MuOnline
Server: [DarkRage Fun]
Status: [Online]
Accounts: [1018]
Characters: [1734]
Online Players: [41]
Online Record: [77]
Hall of fame max HP
Soul Master

9100 HP

Blade Knight

23400 HP

Muse Elf

11700 HP

Magic Gladiator

15600 HP

Hall of fame rules
  1. The first thing to participate in the Hall of Fame tournament is to be max reset and have at least 3 kills for your character (PK status).
  2. You must supply your items, potions, etc. before the tournament starts, not after.
  3. Exchange items during the tournament is not allowed, you will be disqualified.
  4. You can't change your stats during the tournament, is not allowed. You will be disqualified
  5. Arguing with Admin/GM as well as swearing during the tournament is not allowed and you will be punished with ban and expulsion from the tournament.
  6. Once after the players are called they must switch characters.
  7. With disconnect or non-appearance we will wait 1 minute after the call, after that the duel starts over again or they give an official win to the opponent.
  8. It's not allowed to move after the start of the duel for these races: SM, ME and BK, if you break the rule this will be foul, with 3 fouls from the same player the point is awarded for the opponent.
  9. If the player hits the opponent before the Admin/GM give start it counts as a foul.
  10. Forbidden magic skills:
  • BK: Twisting slash, Rageful blow, Weapon skill, left click
  • SM: Lighting, Teleport, Weapon skill, left click
  • ME: Ice age, left click
  • MG: Lighting, Weapon skill, left click
    11. Using satans and angels is not allowed
    12. Each race has a limit of blood (HP) which can use, when that is exceeded you will be disqualified.
    13. Tournament duels are with direct eliminations
  • 2/3 wins, final 3/5 for Blade Knight & Magic Gladiator (for these races is allowed to play with Satans (imp) or Angels)
  • 3/5 wins, final to 5 wins for Muse Elf & Soul Master (for these races is forbidden to play with Satans (imp) or Angels)
    14. The rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are:
  • 1st place - 300 web credits and item of your choice from box of kundun up to +5 +luck, +11, +2 excellent options, except rings, pendants, weapons and wings
  • 2nd place - 200 web credits and 10 Box of Kundun up to +5
  • 3rd place - 100 web credits and 5 Box of Kundun up to +5