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The mana shield formula has been changed:

300 agility = 1%

600 energy = 1%

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/06/06 11:12:07

New Server Rule

A new Rule has been added:

Всякакъв вид обиди към друг играч на какъвто и да е език, под какъвто и да е вариант, на който и да е вид чат,
било то лично съобщение, пост, гилд, парти или обикновения чат, на която и да е карта са забранени!!! Провинилите се ще
бъдат накзвани спрямо естеството на обидата доста сурово.


All kinds of insults in any language towards other players are forbidden in any kind on whichever chat including
private message, post, guild, party or normal chat on any map. Offenders will be punished according to the nature
of the insult quite harshly 

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/31 02:04:28

Web Vault

Attention!!! On Sunday 24.05 the command "/vault" will be stopped. Please move all your items to the Web Vault

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/20 02:58:56


The BC ranking is now fixed and records the points!

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/15 08:13:13

Buy Credits

Thre are two more methods added to the credit purchase system:

PayPal and Credit / Debit card

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/14 23:02:40


  1. Included an SMS system for buyng credits but still is not active for all countries
  2. The commands "buy, sell, ping" are turned off
  3. The BC ranking is currently turned off, we will fix it in the next few days

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/12 23:32:51


On 12.05.2020 at 14:00h the server will be turned off for about 30min. We apologize for the inconvenience

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/11 21:23:00

Remove additional dmg

The service to remove additional dmg from wings is already working

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/09 21:34:32

New server files

Hello everyone. We have a new updates for the server files 97d+99i. The server is temporary Offline and will be On soon.

Please for your patience.

Best regards:  The DarkRage Team

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/08 14:38:35

New Ggame Client

Due to change of the Virtual machine, to play the game you have to download the game client again.

If anyone has trouble starting the game, they should do the following:

1. Restart your PC

2. Go to C:\Program files (x86) and delete the folder PS Systemas

3. Start your client again

4. Enjoy the game

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/06 12:05:46


Attention!!! Tommorow 05.05.2020 14:00 Server time.

The server will be temporarily down for planned migration to our new and more powerful machine. We are sorry for any caused inconvenience.


16 cores



1Gbps +DDoS

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/05 00:02:36


For more information about the server, for reports and to learn the news first you are welcome to join our Discord Channel

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Created at: 2020/05/03 19:30:38

Hall of Fame Register

Attention!!! Anyone who wants to participate into the "Hall of Fame" tournament, MUST register, otherwise they will be denied access. Registering is made by clicking on Hall of Fame, choose the character you wish to participate with and click on "Register" 

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/05/02 19:24:10

Enjoy with our new Web application

Dear players, we present you our new web application. Enjoy it!

We are pleased to introduce you many new features and services in this web application. Some of these are: Dual stats, Remove Character ban, Change class, Become PK, Add luck on item. Removing add from the wings and Exchange resources for Item.


With the "Exchange resource for item" service you can use:

Strength fruit

Agility fruit

Vitality fruit

Energy fruit

Guardian Angel

Jewel of Chaos +11, which drop from the Worm Boss after you kill him.


The Worm bosses are reduced to 2 and reborn in 1 hour after killing them.

Their coordinates are the following:

Lorencia: 56/196

Davias: 112/9 


Published by: Admin
Created at: 2020/04/23 14:55:10